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Granite is an igneous rock !

Granite is an igneous rock is created when magma that has been molten below the surface of the Earth slowly cools and solidifies. One of the hardest stones found in nature, it has a high level of durability and is unaffected by dents and scratches. Due to its resistance to heat and stains, it is a preferred option for kitchen countertops. It is perfect for floors, walls, and monuments due to its distinctive patterns and hues. In conclusion, natural stone is an attractive and adaptable building material that adds value and elegance to any structure. It is crucial to take durability, maintenance, and aesthetic appeal into account when choosing natural stone for your building or decorating project. Natural stone can last for generations with proper care and upkeep, making it a wise investment.

Rose El Nasr

New Halayb

Red Aswan


Grey El Sherka

Red Safaga

Fantastic White


Nile Black Granite

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